About Us

About Endurance Wellness Products

Endurance Wellness Products was founded in 2021 by Juanita James.

Juanita James is a former salon owner of 24yrs and a hair stylist. She created Endurance Wellness Products on the cuffs of the pandemic (Covid-19). Juanita began to reinvent herself and created a YouTube show, during the pandemic, called “Clip It Real Talk.” However, during this period, she still had to close the doors of her beauty business, Cashmere Salon, after twenty-four years of being in the beauty industry.

While working as a hairstylist, Juanita began collecting, manufacturing and selling this superfood called Sea Moss to her clients, to help them boost their immune systems during the pandemic. She always believed in the use of natural remedies for improving one’s health. Having been introduced to Sea Moss, about three years prior with its benefits for hair treatments, she did more research and realized that this was also good for the mind and body, “so I started to use sea moss for my own health and wellness.”

About two months before she closed her salon doors, Juanita fell into a bit of a depression. She still tried to keep things moving forward. Having a deep passion to help people improve their health and well-being, Juanita decided to take her passion for Sea Moss to another level. She then started a new business manufacturing and selling her own line of sea moss products and named it Endurance Wellness Products. 

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